Benjamin Pean

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Title: Head of Operations

Company: APSYS (AIRBUS Group)

Location: Horfield, Bristol, United Kingdom

HORFIELD, BRISTOL, UK, February 5, 2015, Benjamin Pean specializes in internationasl strategic planning and management, sales and operations management, HR management, and P&L management, and he also possesses a strong background in new business development, team building and training, and key account management. On a daily basis, he works to support transformation projects and strategic initiatives as head of operations, and oversees an operation of 450 people in the defense and space sector for APSYS (AIRBUS Group). He says: “Two parameters are important to succeed: talent and chance. I have been gifted by the fate. I was born in India and brought up in an orphanage, two years before being welcomed by his family in Brittany, France. My personal life started this day. I have always been willing to succeed to deserve this chance in professional and personal life. I believe in the human factor: I strongly believe that the human relationships are superior to any code and guidelines. I want to contribute and offer my skills to support the required positive change in the world. I believe in values of integrity and work.”

Benjamin Pean


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