Suzette Scheepers

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Title: Director of Congresses

Company: The Paragon Group

Location: Herzliya, Israel

HERZLIYA, ISRAEL, February 9, 2015, Suzette Scheepers serves as the Director of Congresses for The Paragon Group, a leading event management company which specializes in the construction, development, production, and professional management of conferences. In her executive leadership capacity, Ms. Scheepers is responsible for  organizing international congresses, especially in medicine and science, which meet at various cities internationally. She is also in charge of managing six direct reports which each handle five or six events, handling approximately 30 events annually, traveling to cities to oversee events, and working directly with each client. Ms. Scheepers became involved in her profession because of her extensive experience with the diplomatic service of over 50 countries. Being well-versed in working and communicating with multiple cultures provided Ms. Scheepers with the tools she needed to succeed in her current line of work.

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Suzette Scheepers


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