Sudhir Dhanani

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Sudhir DhananiTitle: Director

Company: Clearconsultant Management Limited

Location: Northwood, Greater London, United Kingdom

Sudhir Dhanani serves as the Director of Clearconsultant Management Limited, a leading management consultancy which offers top quality services and solutions throughout India, Africa and Guatemala. Mr. Dhanani, an expert in relationship building, offers management advice to companies in the produce industry, and develops supply chains for premium vegetables including herbs and ingredients for multiple retailers in the United Kingdom. He was prompted to embark on his current professional journey by the desire to make the most of the knowledge and experience that he had acquired while working as a produce farmer. Mr. Dhanani feels that the best part of his career thus far has been creating a substantial business and achieving high marks in sales.

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Sudhir Dhanani




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