C. Arden Rymerson

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Title: Director

Company: Parkbay Refrigration Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

C. Arden Rymerson is the Director of Parkbay Refrigration Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd., a top heating and air-conditioning company which specializes in refrigeration, coolers, freezers, and heating and air-conditioning services. Mr. Rymerson has spent more than 35 years nurturing an abundant skill set, which encompasses proficiencies in HVAC and customer services. He is primarily in charge of working as a partner in the business, and focusing on customer service and hiring qualified people to do the job well.

Mr. Rymerson made the decision to pursue his current career path in the 1970s, when he was prompted to embark on a professional journey in heating and air conditioning. He received a Red Seal Certification for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Upon reflecting on a rewarding career, Mr. Rymerson has come to attribute his success to his intelligence and to his commitment to listening to the customer.

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C Arden Rymerson


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