Colin David Burger, Lead Engineer

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Colin BurgerTitle: Lead Gas Turbine Field Service Engineer, Technical Field Adviser

Company: WorldWide Gas Turbine Contractors Inc.

Location: Mission, Canada

Colin David Burger is the Lead Gas Turbine Field Service Engineer and Technical Field Adviser for WorldWide Gas Turbine Contractors Inc., a top turbine contractor which offers hands-on experience in the power industry/rotating equipment market specializing in gas turbines and has a great level of commitment to achieving the highest quality. Mr. Burger, an expert in the areas of management, complex power generation equipment, and the installation of new rotating equipment, routinely handles maintenance, assembly, disassembly, repair, refurbishment and replacement of complex power generation equipment. He also oversees facilities and support systems of industrial gas turbines and installation of new rotating equipment, and handles troubleshooting, with the ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

Mr. Burger says, “I believe that my extensive hands on experience in the power industry / rotating equipment market and my great level of commitment to achieving the highest quality, makes me an exceptional candidate for any company where loyalty, great workmanship and customer service is important. I am a self-motivated, achievement-orientated person who relates well to work colleagues and clients alike.” He is a professional person with a substantial amount of experience gained within the power industry, and who has also attained a wealth of international understanding of numerous countries and their business practices and cultures. His motivation is challenge and growth. Upon reflecting on a rewarding career, Mr. Burger attributes his success to having been a contractor for so many years as an employee. He gained a tremendous amount of experience and the confidence to go out on his own.

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