Max Ochoa

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Title: Senior Consultant

Company: RGP

Location: Mexico

Max Ochoa is a senior consultant at RGP, a management consultancy that offers consulting services, including finance, accounting, information management, governance risk and compliance, human capital, legal and regulatory, corporate advisory, restructuring, strategic communications and supply chain management. Mr. Ochoa assumed his current role two years ago after gaining extensive experience in the field.

A seasoned veteran with 27 years under his belt, Mr. Ochoa has garnered a reputation for his expertise in project management, information technology and business. He spends his days implementing global strategies and working with clients. A member of the Project Management Institute, Inc., Mr. Ochoa draws on his past experience and strong skill set to assist the company in achieving its goals.

He attributes his success to being responsible and able to adapt to new surroundings. Looking toward the future, Mr. Ochoa plans to obtain a better professional position with more complex projects, and possibly move out of the country.

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Max Ochoa


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