Iman Abou-Gareeb

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Title: Doctor

Company: Dr. Iman Abou-Gareeb Inc.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Iman Abou-Gareeb is the owner and physician of Dr. Iman Abou-Gareeb Inc., a family medicine and primacy care practice that delivers a comprehensive range of general health care services to patients in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Abou-Gareeb has been practicing medicine for 30 years and is recognized for her diverse spectrum of expertise, as well as her profound knowledge.

Dr. Abou-Gareeb started out as an ophthalmologist before she relocated to Canada. She transitioned into family practice because of her love of diversity. Working in family practice granted her the ability to follow patients for a lifetime, through illness, joys, problems and pregnancy. In her position, Dr. Abou-Gareeb provides patients with family medicine and primacy care services, and performs small surgical procedures. Aside from her work at the practice, Dr. Abou-Gareeb also teaches UBC students and residents. She has helped international graduate students get into international programs. She is pleased that they all speak well of her and tell her how much they have learned from her teachings. Dr. Abou-Gareeb attributes her success to her perseverance; hard work and love of what she does. She is extremely proud of how her career has panned out and she intends to become even more involved in women’s health and focus on prevention in the future.

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Iman Abou-Gareeb


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