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Craig Travers 1623736Title: Senior Associate

Company: Max International

Location: Quebec, Canada

Max International’s Glutathione Accelerators have been heralded as “The Medical Breakthrough” of the 21st Century for every single adult beyond age 20. It explains why so many Health care professionals have become “Preferred Customers“of his at Max International. These include physicians, nurses, medical scientists, and many others. The Immediate Past President of one of the most prestigious medical organizations in America, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, said this, “Max GXL is the biggest medical breakthrough I will ever see in my lifetime. It will change and transform the practice of medicine worldwide.” He also said that Dr. Robert Keller, the creator of Max GXL, would become more famous than Dr. Jonas Salk who invented the polio vaccine in the 20th century. To find out more about Dr. Robert Keller, Max GXL, Max One, Cellgevity, and other extraordinary products as well as Max International itself, click on the following link:

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Craig M. Travers


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