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David Armstrong 1946974Title: Vice President of Marketing

Company: Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd.

Location: Ontario, Canada

After receiving an MBA, David J. Armstrong began working in sales for Xerox, where he gained experience in business equipment. He enjoyed the field, which inspired him to continue working in sales and marketing. Mr. Armstrong has 35 years of professional experience and is recognized for his ability to generate and formulate dysfunctional teams and put them back together. In his role, Mr. Armstrong is responsible for overseeing the leading element of the company, growing relationships with leasing partners’ companies, identifying who needs training and coordinating training, maintaining pricing responsibility for all hardware products, liaising for third-party leasing companies, building third-party relationships which would benefit the company, holding strategic marketing responsibility, handling direct and dealer channel marketing, as well as marketing analytics, and sales training and development.

Mr. Armstrong has served as the vice president of marketing for two years and has a proven track record for delivering above average growth and profit results in startups to Fortune 500 organizations. He is known as a strategic planner with a keen analytical skill set, who enjoys the challenges of turning around under-performing teams. He attributes his success to motivating and guiding people, as well as knowing his limitations and complementing them through others’ strengths. Moving forward, Mr. Armstrong plans to develop teams and maximize their skill sets, and provide one-on-one impact branch management training.

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David J. Armstrong


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