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Wenher Friedrich 1836225Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Mencor Consulting

Location: South Africa

Wernher Friedrich is the CEO of Mencor Consulting, a software consulting agency that offers services in business analysis, process automation, software development, and project management. The company also provides very specific analytical and methodological approaches to problem analysis and solutions development, as well as customized solutions for specific business requirements, with a specific focus on cost saving and futuristic expansion. Mr. Friedrich has 20 years of experience in information communication technologies and is recognized for his expertise in strategic architectural solutions and software. Mr. Friedrich spends his days developing solutions for clients, advising companies about software, developing integrated van software, managing a software development team, enhancing computer applications, participating in stakeholder forums, and forecasting budgetary processes.

Driven by challenges, Mr. Friedrich is always looking for ways to make the company better. He draws on his past experience in finance, health care and government, to manage projects and get them back on track, and achieve business results. He prides himself on the fact that he does not follow conventional methods. He treats each customer with a fresh approach because no two customers are the same.  With each client he works with, Mr. Friedrich makes sure to listen, research and provide a foundational solution from where to build on. He believes his success is a result of finding a gap in the market and taking advantage of it. Looking toward the future, he hopes to finish a Ph.D. and build his company into a corporate brand.

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Wernher Friedrich


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