Leonel-Jean Regimbal

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Title: President

Company: Regimbal Services

Location: Ontario, Canada

Leonel-Jean Regimbal always had an abiding love of language and verbal communication. He saw a void in translation services within various companies for which he worked. This was followed by the observation of an opportunity to further serve individuals and businesses by offering high quality, yet low-cost communications solutions, energy, and merchant services through an association with ACN Canada. Mr. Regimbal established Regimbal Services, a multidisciplinary consulting organization that offers translation, revision and proofreading services, as well as residential and business communications solutions, 40 years ago.

Mr. Regimbal is a senior translator, reviser and proofreader and communications solutions specialist, who spends his days translating documents for individuals, businesses and government agencies. He also revises and proofreads documents, and provides communications solutions services to individuals and businesses. Mr. Regimbal excels at his job because he continues to educate himself. He holds a certificate in translation studies from McGill University and is a certified translator.

In addition to his work with Regimbal Services, Mr. Regimbal is also an independent business owner with ACN Canada. Some of his past positions include deputy command senior radiological and operational safety officer for the Canadian Army Headquarters and deputy project director at the Directorate of Land Force Development of the Canadian Army. He attributes all the success he has experienced throughout his career to his discipline, hard work, diligence and leadership.

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Leonel-Jean Regimbal


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