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Louis Normand 1641552Title: Aviation and Travel Consultant

Location: Alberta, Canada

Louis J. Normand is a highly regarded aviation and travel consultant who has more than 40 years of professional experience to his name. He established his own company in May 2012, and works with clients to manage fight operations and assist companies in implementing safety measures. Mr. Normand also supervises companies to ensure the aviation safety standards are met. Mr. Normand has vast knowledge and experience in the aviation industry and has more than 14,500 hours of total flying experience as a crew member.

In his role, Mr. Normand serves a commercial pilot on several jet and turbo prop endorsements, including a B-707 as a captain. He flies all over the world, including Africa and South America, and assists others in adhering to flight and safety regulations. Mr. Normand was awarded a SafetyStar for his hard work, education, and discipline. This is awarded only to pilots who have at least eight consecutive FlightSafety ProCards, one of which must have been within the past year. This tribute honors pilots that operate at the highest levels of proficiency.

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Louis J. Normand


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