Sonia Bate Swallow

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Title: Executive Assistant

Company: Canadian Parliament-MP Joe Daniel

Location: Ontario, Canada

After a successful career as an entrepreneur, Sonia Bate Swallow has started the next chapter of her life, working with the Canadian government. Ms. Swallow started working as an executive assistant to MP Joe Daniel in November 2014. In her role, she provides administrative assistance, handles the MP schedule, attends events, and liaises with government offices. Ms. Swallow also works on special projects and initiatives.

Ms. Swallow takes great pride in her work, and gets great satisfaction out of knowing she is making a difference in the lives of people in her community. She has developed campaigns, spoken at seminars and hosted fundraisers that centered on current political issues, including women’s rights and education. She also serves as a motivational speaker and prepares traffic and safety curriculum and seminars as she dedicated most of her career to the automobile industry. Ms. Swallow attributes her success to her God-given passion and dedication.

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Sonia Bate Swallow


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