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patricia corbett 1816220Title: In-Home Support

Location: Alberta, Canada

Patricia Corbett worked in childcare for 20 years, in cognitive disability. Her sons have autism, so she is passionate about disabilities and making people’s lives more successful in spite of their challenges. Her late husband, who was in social work and a minister, also urged her to get involved in counseling services. Ms. Corbett has 30 years of industry experience and has been serving as in-home support for the past decade. An expert in providing support services for the intellectually disabled, Ms. Corbett is responsible for doing home visits in natural settings, working with the schools, attending parent-teacher meetings, going to doctors with the families as well, providing long-term care for the families.

Aside from her work as in-home support, she facilitates a college course, and she and her son Nathan are working on an inspirational book “Sky’s the Limit.” Ms. Corbett is a patient and persistent individual who does not have the ability to give up on her visions and work. Ms. Corbett attributes her success to being aware of the issues, passionate about her work and the ability to listen to people. Additionally, she credits the individuals with whom she works. She believes it is a privilege to be invited into someone’s home. Moving forward, Ms. Corbett expects to learn more about prevention, function support and catalysts, international classification and functioning capacity. Furthermore, Ms. Corbett’s dream is to partner with her son, Nathan to develop more inspirational photo books. His dream is to make visual cues to support people of all ages in quality of daily life.

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Patricia Marie Corbett



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