Antoinette Colbran

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Antoinette Colbran 1833528Title: Executive Director

Company: Benchmark The Practice

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Ms. Antoinette Colbran is the executive director of Benchmark The Practice, a medical witness consultancy that provides expert medical witness services for legal cases, expert opinion services pertaining to medical negligence, personal injury and motor vehicle accidents, and a wide range of consulting services.

Ms. Colbran previously worked for the health minister at a federal level and her husband ran a surgeon association in Australia. He coordinated all of their activities, including disputes and conferences. Lawyers kept asking for a liaison for medical cases, so Ms. Colbran decided to open up her current business.

She has 22 years of experience and has been running Benchmark The Practice for more than a decade. An excerpt in customer service, Ms. Colbran spends her days supplying medical experts for law firms in Australia and New Zealand, interacting and coordinating with lawyers regarding legal cases, working with private medical doctors, receiving reports from doctors and acting as an agent between lawyers and doctors. Ms. Colbran takes great pride in her work and attributes all the success she has experienced throughout her career to her determination and hard work. In the future, she would like to expand the company and, eventually, sell it.

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Antoinette Colbran


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