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Title: 1) Owner, Consultant 2) Sales Associate, Consultant

Company: 1) Fit to Go 2) Immunotec Inc.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Jane E. Read has always been involved in the fitness and wellness sector. She was a fitness instructor for more than 20 years, focusing on senior fitness, before deciding to share her knowledge and experience as a consultant and pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors. Ms. Read is the owner of Fit to Go, a health and fitness company that provides in-home instruction for seniors and a variety of fitness classes. She is also a consultant for Immunotec Inc., a health care products company that sells health and nutrition products.

Ms. Read is a respected team leader who is seen as an expert in her field. She particularly excels at coaching and mentoring others. In her roles, Ms. Read spends her days managing customer service administration, and providing sales and consulting for health products. She also acts as a role model for young girls and women, plans and schedules events and meetings, and facilitate discussions about relevant health care topics.

Ms. Read earned a bachelor’s degree in recreation administration at the University of Alberta. Outside of her professional endeavors, she is actively involved with Girl Guides of Canada, which honored her with the Diamond Jubilee Award for volunteering in 2012. Highly accomplished, Ms. Read is eager to continue to expand her efforts and have Fit to Go become a household name throughout Canada.

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Jane Read


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