Burgess G. Newsom, Jr.

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Burgess Newsom 1808161Title: Certified Food and Beverage Executive

Company: Taylors International Services

Location: Iraq

Burgess G. Newsom, Jr. is a certified food and beverage executive for Taylors International Services, a catering provider for large operations that develops food and beverage teams. Mr. Newsom began his career serving the food, then making it and then he became manager. Over the course of his 26-year career, Mr. Newsom held a variety of positions that have assisted him in his role at Taylors International Services.

Mr. Newsom joined the company in 2013 and has become a well-respected leader. He spends his days maintaining responsibility for three separate operations, directing events, overseeing sales, profits and losses, working with the Iraq diplomacy operation from the U.S. Government, including running three cafeterias, and providing 20,000 covers per day. Mr. Newsom ensures that he maintains a strong service model while also developing and building teams in 4- and five-star operation.

For his work, Mr. Newsom was honored with the White House Award in 2008 and the MGM Award. He attributes his success to his passion and enjoyment for his work. In addition, he credits a healthy team effort. Moving forward, Mr. Newsom intends to obtain a role as an active corporate food and beverage director. He will continue to develop teams, troubleshoot, and make the operations successful in order to be an asset to his community.

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Burgess G. Newsom, Jr.


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