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kevin farrellyTitle: Leadership Coach

Company: Competitive Edge Leadership

Location: Ontario, Canada

Kevin Farrelly is a well-respected business professional who started his career in the Canadian Air Force. He then worked in the manufacturing industry for 27 years, 15 of which were in a leadership role, and gained experience mentoring and developing teams, as well as interfacing with production and sales people on those teams. Mr. Farrelly has been noted for his ability to help people move forward and increase their production while promoting their own personal growth. After acting as a keynote speaker and taking John Maxwell classes, it all came together for him and he established Competitive Edge Leadership.

Mr. Farrelly is a John Maxwell certified coach, teacher and speaker who offers services in personal development, leadership development, workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching. He spends his days providing in-person coaching and training, as well as over the phone and Internet. Mr. Farrelly also serves as a keynote speaker for various workshops, conferences and seminars.  He takes great pride in his ability to develop cross-functional teams that consistently achieve aggressive business goals in a high-growth environment. He attributes his success to his ability to work well with others, as well as to not being afraid to roll up his sleeves and get working. Additionally, Mr. his military training and supportive family have also contributed toward his success. Moving forward, Mr. Farrelly intends to continue growing the consulting business and running it on a full-time basis.

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Kevin Farrelly


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