Albert Mizrahi

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Albert Mizrahi 1722363Title: Global Senior Engagement Director (Retired)

Location: Switzerland

Albert Mizrahi is a highly regarded professional who utilized his skills and knowledge across a wide range of sectors for more than 42 years. His diverse background led him to the field of telecommunications where he worked for Orange Business Services for more than 10 years before deciding to retire. He ended his illustrious career as the company’s global senior engagement director where he was responsible for creating project structure and discipline, meeting deadlines and budgets, managing complex European customer deals, organizing and providing direction, and working with multicultural teams. During his tenure Mr. Mizrahi demonstrated a broad and solid business background and successfully delivered proposals. He feels the highlight of his career was always being looked at as a high-caliber professional. Mr. Mizrahi attributes his success to the love, dedication and passion he has for his career.

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Albert Mizrahi


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