Sahar Whelan, RPh, BScPhm, MScPhm

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sahar whelanTitle: Director of Pharmacy

Company: Concord Specialty Pharmacy

Location: Ontario, Canada

Sahar Whelan, RPh, BScPhm, MScPhm started working in the pharmaceutical industry 27 years ago. After college, she bought a small retail pharmacy, but felt that she lacked intellectual stimulation in the day to day pharmaceutical responsibility. She looked for ways that she could add to the business and responded to an advertisement about infusion. She educated herself and decided to incorporate it into her business. The ultimate mission of Concord Specialty Pharmacy is to be a pioneer in getting government agencies to buy into the concept of Infusion and develop a type of contract for homecare patients and improve their quality of life.

Her extensive knowledge and setup of intravenous medication home care allows her to run a successful business. In her role, Ms. Whelan is responsible for overseeing all operations of the business, ensuring the appropriate equipment and medication set up for nurses, physicians and other healthcare practitioners who work for the business, and working with TPN clients, children that have been with her for a decade that have complex diseases and come to the pharmacy for treatment.

Ms. Whelan is a member of The Canadian Pharmacist Association and earned a master’s degree in pharmacy at the University of Toronto. She attributes her success to internal drive, ambition and fulfilling an internal need to help improve the home care patients’ quality of life. Looking forward, Ms. Whelan expects procurement of home care patient contracts and to get government agencies to buy into the concept and develop a new type of contract.

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Sahar Whelan


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