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Eva Huang 1774255Title: Lecturer

Company: The University of Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia

Being raised in a business-oriented family and developing an interest in tax law, Eva Huang made the decision to pursue a career in business. Ms. Huang gained extensive experience in comparative taxation law, Chinese commercial law and legal reform through working as a policy analyst in the Commonwealth Treasury. She also worked on advising the government on tax policies, and took her experience and applied it to the education field.

Ms. Huang has been a lecturer at The University of Sydney for five years. In her role, she is tasked with lecturing on taxation law, focusing on comparative law and Chinese law, working as the honors coordinator, researching Chinese tax law, and managing research methodology and administrative issues. Additionally, Ms. Huang is an adjunct associate professor of the Department of Public Economics of Xiamen University. She is also an adjunct researcher of the Center for International Tax Law and Comparative Taxation of Xiamen University. Ms. Huang is seen as an expert in the field and is currently in the process of publishing and writing one of most extensive works on Chinese taxation. She is passionate about her work and looks forward to continuing her research and advancing in her career for many years.

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Eva Huang


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