David Mann

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David Mann 1949608Title: President

Company: Ayrshireton Consulting Inc.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

David M. Mann

After steadily rising through the ranks of the technology industry over a period of many years, David M. Mann decided to get involved in consulting. He knew he could utilize his industry experience and ability to continually adapt to rapidly changing markets and technologies by listening to customers’ inputs and developing unique propositions to solve their problems and to assist them with their cyber security, IT, and Wi-Fi needs. A caring professional who practices real servant leadership and never quits on finding answers to complex problems, Mr. Mann has garnered a stellar reputation as an industry expert and leader. He drives the vision and success of Ayrshireton Consulting Inc. through serving as the CEO and president, and by overseeing the daily operations.

Although he is highly accomplished, Mr. Mann believes the highlight of his career happened in 1979, when he was working for a British company that was installing a mobile wireless system in Sweden. They were faced with a tremendous amount of skepticism and negativity because many thought it couldn’t work. They got the job done and it worked. He had a tremendous feeling of pride for the people who worked for him and those who worked along with him. Mr. Mann attributes his success to being persistent and a lateral thinker. He can look at issues from different points of view to be able to find solutions. Moving forward, Mr. Mann intends to continue in the industry and make a difference.

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David M. Mann


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