Mark Hogans

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Mark HogansTitle: Distribution Generation Coordinator

Company: Hydro One Networks Inc.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Mark L. Hogans’ deep interest in renewable energy and an infinite quest for knowledge led him to his current path. Mr. Hogans is the distribution generation coordinator for Hydro One Networks Inc., the largest electricity transmission and distribution company in Ontario, Canada. Mr. Hogans, who has been in his present capacity since 2009, focuses on the development of renewable energy technologies. He is well known for his exemplary leadership and highly regarded by colleagues for his dedication and wide-ranging knowledge. Mr. Hogans make sure to treat every client with respect and to always be available to answer their questions. He has the ability to explain complex concepts and regulations so that even a person with no experience in the energy field understands. Mr. Hogans was credited with building the policies and procedures that allowed the company to connect more than 13,000 generators to the distribution system. He takes great pride in helping thousands of renewable energy generators successfully connect to the company’s distribution system and promoting green energy as a lifestyle. He has spent more than 30 years as a master electrician, obtained a degree from Indiana University and continues to educate himself through his affiliation with the Society of Energy Professionals, Canadian Solar Industry Association and other various renewable energy and professional groups. Mr. Hogans believes he has been able to excel in his career due to his ambition, determination, hard work, his thirst for learning and his drive to provide first class customer service, qualities equally evident in his level of technical knowledge and academic attainment.

Mark Hogans

Mark L. Hogans


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