Kathleen J. Coffey, P.Eng., PMP

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Kathleen Coffey 1762887Title: Managing Director

Company: Sentio Engineering

Location: Alberta, Canada

Kathleen J. Coffey, P.Eng., PMP gained an interest in engineering at a very early age. Ms. Coffey was interested in how things worked and was encouraged to explore her interests through the engineering field. Today, Ms. Coffey is an innovative problem-solver who has 27 years of professional experience.

She excels in the areas of project management and process design and spends her days overseeing day-to-day operations, including marketing and process design, and providing on-time and on-budget project management. Ms. Coffey also manages effective client interaction, develops effective solutions to difficult problems using an innovative approach, and offers both project management and process engineering skills from cradle-to-grave on any project.

Ms. Coffey is well known for her ability to fast-track and crash projects when deadlines are the primary constraint. Additionally, she has the ability to de-bottleneck and troubleshoot existing facilities, as well as design and apply unique solutions to existing problems. She is able to offer this unique combination skill set that minimizes client expense and improves the on-stream date of a facility.

Ms. Coffey attributes her success to having effective mentors and having been fortunate to have received a good education. She credits having the opportunity and confidence to take on challenges while working hard to achieve her goals. Moving forward, Ms. Coffey aims to create a safe environment in which to work, while providing excellent service to her clients. She also plans to simultaneously enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with her clients. Her clients will benefit from her services as she continues to enhance her skill set.

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Kathleen J. Coffey, P.Eng., PMP


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