Mayur Bharodia

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Title: Software Engineer

Company: Interactive Interfaces

Location: Alberta, Canada

Mayur Bharodia has been working in the information technology sector for eight years. Utilizing his experience in the information technology and software engineering industries, Mr. Bharodia decided to open Interactive Interfaces three years ago. The software consultancy provides services in information technology, customized software development, system integration, business intelligence solutions, software documentation, testing, data mining, business warehousing, software design, documentation, storyboarding, custom application development, and Web application development.

An expert in his field, Mr. Bharodia spends his days engineering, designing and developing software, giving presentations, training, working with clients, scoping out projects, managing and developing new business opportunities and projects, and analyzing costs and budgeting. He attributes his success to working on varied projects and meeting challenges. Moving forward, Mr. Bharodia intends to continue growing the company, as well as work on medium-scale projects.

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Mayur Bharodia


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