Iain Forrester

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Title: Managing Director

Company: Forrester HSSEQ Consultants Ltd

Location: United Kingdom

Iain Forrester enjoys building and developing companies, and decided to utilize his own experience to assist other companies. Mr. Forrester owns and managers Forrester HSSEQ Consultants Ltd, a renowned consultancy that provides project solutions, including health, safety, security, environment and quality demands within the oil and gas, renewable energy, and construction industries. An expert in offshore oil and gas, and renewable energy, Mr. Forrester always looks to meet and exceed his clients’ expectations. He prides himself on delivering high-quality services and continues to educate himself through his experience. Mr. Forrester attributes his success to years of training and listening and learning throughout a career with one of largest companies in the world. And he is putting the lessons learned during this 20-year period into practice. Moving forward, Mr. Forrester aims for continued growth. He would also like to develop a new company from startup through to its first contract award.

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Iain Forrester


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