Norward R. Rahming

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Title: Manager, Owner

Company: Rahming’s Enterprise

Location: Bahamas

Norward R. Rahming is a highly regarded professional with 45 years of experience who has always wanted to serve the public as a leader in the community. Throughout his career, Mr. Rahming served as the chief counselor of South Andros Island from 1996 to 2005. During that time, he acquired buildings and land for docking facilities and established a boat building shop and a marine service station. Prior to his position as chief counselor, he worked with the local government system for about 30 years which gives him 40 plus years of experience. Mr. Rahming is respected for his commitment to the enhancement of the quality of life, and to the development of the full potential of each individual. Mr. Rahming owns a grocery store, lumber yard, car, cottage and office space rentals, and spends his days assisting customers, managing business operations and dealing with real estate properties. He attributes his success to his faith in God, the support he receives from his family, dedication, and love for his community. In the coming years, Mr. Rahming hopes to continue his service to the community and to support the tourism industry in the Bahamas by providing quality services to all tourists.

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Norward R. Rahming


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