Camilla D. Fischbacher

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Camilla Fischbacher 1900017Title: Art Director, Product Manager, Member of the Board of Directors

Company: Christian Fischbacher Co. AG

Location: Saint Gallen, Switzerland

Ms. Fischbacher has 10 years of professional experience, with seven years as an art director and product manager of Christian Fischbacher Co. AG. Throughout her career, she has set herself apart as an expert in product creativity, design and innovation. Each day, she is responsible for running the in-house design studio and researching ways to reach a new hipper clientele without estranging the established customer.

Ms. Fischbacher was born in Iran to an American mother and Iranian father. Because of the political unrest in her home country and the war with Iraq, she left Iran when she was 10. She moved to Switzerland and later went to high school in Germany. Upon graduation she went to America and studied classics and religion at Wheaton College MA. She then went on to graduate school in England and received a Master of Philosophy from Oxford University in modern middle eastern studies. It was at college that she first studied photography, and it is a passion that has followed her ever since. She has lived and traveled extensively through out South East Asia and Japan, and now lives in Switzerland with her husband and three children, where she works as the art director of their family company. Furthermore, she continues to exhibit as a photographer.

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Camilla D. Fischbacher


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