Hardy Koehler

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Hardy Koehler 1901286Title: Senior Director SMB Sales EMEA

Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Location: Voerde, Germany

Mr. Koehler has 26 years of professional experience, with seven years as a Senior Director of SMB Sales EMEA for Adobe Systems Incorporated. Each day, he is responsible for managing sales, running seven different sales teams across channel and indirect sales, and revitalizing channel and implement disruptive business model across EMEA both internally and externally.

Looking back, Mr. Koehler attributes his success to his hard work, and to being at the right place at the right time. He has great communication and motivation skills, which make him a perfect leader to follow. He became involved in his profession because he started as a system analyst and programmer. He has grown in the field ever since from product management, marketing and sales into management and leadership. In five years, Mr. Koehler intends to serve as a managing director in EMEA or vice president in a worldwide position.

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Hardy Koehler


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