Glyn Sinkinson

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 Title: 1) MD, Chief Executive Officer 2) Worldwide Sales Director 3) Equal Partner

Company: 1) The Bar Necessities (Worldwide) Ltd 2) Tydan Specialty Blades Inc. 3) Steri_X/International

Location: Manchester, UK

As a high-ranking professional of three companies, Mr. Sinkinson credits his parents Kay and Derek as “two of the best parent’s to ever walk this Earth.” He also credits his brothers Wayne and Lee, his sister Joanne and all his children, grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, and respective partners, and his second mother, Christine McBride. He has many fond memories of his childhood, including being rushed to get 16 stitches as a result of a classmate who accidentally hit him in the head during a game of brick toss, in the absence of balls and ropes that had been put away after hours by the schoolyard. Because of his injury, he missed a swimming event for his school’s Gala, but the school offered him two tickets to sit on the sidelines at the Gala. Although the boy who hit him originally hid in fear afterward, he visited the boy’s home to offer him the second ticket and they attended together. His parents were hardworking and honest, and had everything but money, and helped him through many childhood diseases. As a person who truly loves himself, two songs that describe his life are ‘When a Child is Born’ by Johnny Mathis and “The Greatest Love of All” by George Benson. He took up golf at the age of 29 and joined a local club, Blackley, where he won several competitions, including the clubs most prestigious “Captains” in his first year. He sees himself as “the chosen one” who achieves what he sets out to do and always raises the bar.

He attributes his success to his hard work, determination, and the will to never give up. He has worked every position in every company that he has owned, from sweeping the floors or making the coffee, to the position of CEO/MD. The reason for this is that he respects every employee in his or her position, and would never request someone to carry out any task that he would not try or do himself, which is a great lesson in life. He became involved in his profession because of his background in engineering. He worked in various positions and then moved to the business side. He has progressed naturally in the field since. The highlights of his career were turning dead or inactive accounts where reps or sales managers had just put them down as a call or visit, and achieving actual orders; some of the contacts that these unsavory workers had put down as an appointment, had actually retired years ago and some of them had passed away. Some of these wrongfully tallied accounts generated into actual sales and then multi-million dollar accounts, and he made some great acquaintances and friends through these accounts along the way.

Mr. Sinkinson maintains affiliation with The Masons, The Golf Club, the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers, the Youth Movement, The NSPCC, The British Legion Mint and various golf societies. In five years, Mr. Sinkinson intends to experience continued growth with his companies.

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Glyn Sinkinson


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