Werner Schiesser

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SchiesserTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: BDO Ltd.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Werner Schiesser has 25 years of professional experience, with four years as Chief Executive Officer of BDO Ltd. Throughout his career, he has set himself apart through his aptitude for arbitration and his expert witness knowledge. He has also served as an accounting referee in arbitration proceedings, courts and for district attorneys. Each day, he is responsible for taking care of all aspects of acquisitions, infrastructures, IT issues, marketing and legal issues, as well as completing expert witness work and arbitration work.

Looking back, Mr. Schiesser attributes his success to staying focused, working hard, and always doing his best. He became involved in his current profession because is passionate about working with numbers. Beyond this, he likes to work in teams and loves ever-changing topics and challenges. In addition, he enjoys working internationally and using his language skills primarily in German, French and English.

Mr. Schiesser holds a law degree, was a chartered accountant and CFE, and worked his way up in a Swiss professional services firm from junior auditor to CEO of a Swiss company in 20 years. In between, he spent two years working in the US for the same firm and two-and-a-half years in a Big 4 firm, and progressed into his current position. In addition, he enjoys working internationally on what he can do as the global chairman of the BDO Council. In the coming years, Mr. Schiesser will continue to serve as the CEO of BDO Ltd. Switzerland.

Contact Werner Schiesser

Werner Schiesser 1892486


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