Walter van Ditmars

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Title: Director

Company: Van Ditmars Wijnkoperij

Location: Doesburg, Netherlands

Mr. van Ditmars has 26 years of professional experience, with 16 years as the Director of Van Ditmars Wijnkoperij. Each day, he is responsible for importing wines, mainly French wines, and managing the company. He regularly travels to winemakers and observes their operations, ensuring that only the best wines are sold. Mr. van Ditmars sells wine to individual consumers and restaurants through wine tastings and the Internet. He has a wineshop and wine vault in the city of Doesburg (Netherlands) in a historic building (called “Het Arsenaal”) dating back to 1309.

Mr. van Ditmars founded his company in 1999. He is also a senior policy adviser at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Netherlands. He is a network specialist and international negotiator at governmental and European union levels. Looking back, Mr. van Ditmars attributes his success to having the right priorities and being focused and sociable. He claims that people feel comfortable talking with him. He became involved in his profession because although his interest in wine started as a hobby, he managed to turn it into a career.

Mr. van Ditmars received his Master’s degree in Political Science and Economy from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 1985. In years to come, Mr. van Ditmars plans to focus more on the wine business and train others in the field of negotiating and networking to help them reach their goals.

Contact Walter van Ditmars

Walter van Ditmars 1825112


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