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Dottori, Frank 1514203Company: 1) Fadco Consulting 2) White River Forest Products

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer 2) President, Co-Owner

Location: Temiscaming, Quebec, Canada

In 1973, after reviving a shuttered mill, Frank Dottori founded what was to become Tembec, a global forest products company with 55 mills located throughout three continents. Over 33 years, he grew it into a $4 million multinational company, experiencing great success and later some loss as Canadian lumber exports decreased in line with lower demand for certain paper products. Since stepping down from Tembec, Mr. Dottori assumed top-dog position at Fadco Consulting, where he analyzes new technologies in the biochemical and biotech industries, strategically evaluating production costs for forestry products. He is also a partial owner of White River Forest Products, which employs more than 100 people from First Nations communities.

Mr. Dottori has served as chairman of the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada and the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, as well as vice chairman of the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada. A member of the Order of Canada, he has been recognized for a number of accomplishments throughout his career, including the Man of the Year award from the Paper Industry Management Association, the McGill Management Award from McGill University, a Medal of Excellence from Professional Engineers of Ontario, and honorary degrees from Nipissing University and Lakeland Unviersity.

Mr. Dottori received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and applied science from the University of Toronto. He currently serves as a trustee of the Museum of Fine Arts, director of the Canadian Labour Market Productivity Centre, governor of the Council of Canadian Unity, and a board of directors member for several organizations.

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Dottori, Frank 1514203


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