Jean-Claude Wiederkehr

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Wiederkehr, Jean-Claude 1790184Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Swiss Fashion Agency

Location: Zug, Switzerland

Jean-Claude Wiederkehr has always taken a keen interest in helping people appreciate the visible world. Long before becoming the driving force behind one of the most established textile modeling agencies in Switzerland, he began his career as an optician. Although he greatly enjoyed helping people perfect their vision, he ultimately chose to transition into the fashion industry because of his desire to help people look their absolute best. Since then, Mr. Wiederkehr has enjoyed more than two decades of success as a recognized technical business manager, graduate retail economist and textile branch expert, among many other prestigious titles. His professional involvement with the Swiss Fashion Agency began in 2004, when he became the agency’s owner and manager. The Swiss Fashion Agency is best known for providing men’s fashion brands, including Benvenuto, Meyer Hosen and Camel Active, to name a few.

Throughout the course of his career, Mr. Wiederkehr has been afforded the opportunity to work with countless well-known brands across the European market, with the ultimate goal of providing first-class service to customers looking for the highest-quality textiles. As the chief executive officer of the thriving fashion agency, he is tasked with overseeing daily business operations, obtaining clients, writing business plans, teaching and incorporating different cultural styles into the company’s clothing. Moving forward, Mr. Wiederkehr intends to continue expanding the company’s portfolio with new high-quality labels that offer the best textiles on the market at an affordable price.

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Wiederkehr, Jean-Claude 1790184


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