Craig A. Hrkal

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Hrkal, Craig 507981Company: HN Holdings LLC

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Location: Zimmerman, MN United States

For nearly three decades, Mr. Hrkal has honed his skill set in the concrete industry. Over the course of the past two years, in his role as CEO, he has worked diligently on behalf of HN Holdings, which produces and distributes cellular concrete, lightweight aggregate applications, and lightweight concrete and construction materials, including concrete chemicals. He loves being able to evaluate and determine “next-level” products and services for the industry. The holding company, a certified cellular concrete applicator, owns and operates Cellular Concrete Inc., Lightweight Distributing Co. Inc., Hwy Safety Zone LLC, and the newest addition, Concrete Chemicals Inc. Cellular. Through hard work, industry knowledge, and financial discipline, he became partner in two different companies, and subsequently purchased both in 2007, which has been the highlight of his professional life thus far.

A stellar example of excellence in his field, Mr. Hrkal shines because of his prior experiences in the industry and his educational background, which includes college coursework. He affiliates himself with many different organizations, including the National and Minnesota Utility Contractors Associations, whose publications he reads to keep abreast of changes in the field, and the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Looking forward, Mr. Hrkal hopes to expand his business across the country and offer consulting services around the world.

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Hrkal, Craig 507981


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