Dr. Eric Kajfasz

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Kajfasz, Eric 1719092Company: Center for Particle Physics of Marseille

Title: Director

Location: Marseille, France

With unparalleled expertise in his field, Dr. Kajfasz lends more than three decades of industry knowledge to his role with the Center for Particle Physics of Marseille, a fundamental and experimental physics laboratory that specializes in particle physics, astroparticles, observational cosmology, and interdisciplinary and societal transfers. Through his passion for research and a little bit of luck, he excels in the field. During the course of his daily routine, he manages the laboratory, drives the scientific policy of the lab, ensures research funding, and recruits new scientists.

A member of the SFP, European Physical Society, and the IEEE, Dr. Kajfasz shines in his field due to a combination of his prior industry experiences and his educational background, which includes a habilitation degree from Aix-Marseille University and a Ph.D. in particle physics from the same institution. Looking ahead, Dr. Kajfasz intends to experience continued professional growth.

Contact Dr. Eric Kajfasz

Kajfasz, Eric 1719092


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