David Coulson

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Coulson, David 2003732Title: President

Company: Loras Enterprises Ltd.

Location: Alberta, Canada

As the president of Loras Enterprises Ltd, Mr. Coulson demonstrates an expertise in all area of the construction business. His 45 years of experience in project management and design have allowed him to meet with tremendous success in the Calgary region, including the distinction of VIP of the Year in 2015.  In his career, he worked on the legislative landscaping project in front of the Provincial Legislative Building in Edmonton, including the dome fountain and reflect pool. Additional notable projects include the design and build of the Depart of National Defense’s lecture training facility and drill hall in Namao Alberta.

Mr. Coulson established his career in the construction field after taking up the carpentry trade to remain in his hometown and local to his family. This led to opportunities in building homes and customizing building, which he immediately fell in love with. To support his blooming career, he became involved with the Canadian Contracting Corp. and completed coursework in contact law and contract administration. He also achieved a Gold Seal Champion certification, a construction estimator certification, a journeyman carpenter certification and a construction project management certification. In 1997, he established Loras Enterprises and worked as an entrepreneur ever since.

In a recent interview, Mr. Coulson attributed his success to working hard and continuing to learn through new opportunities. Today, he continues to monitor every project that the company takes on and prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. Looking ahead, he plans to expand his business networking with other construction companies to collaborate and build a more beautiful country.

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Coulson, David 2003732


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