Ian M. Wright

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Title: Vice President

Company: Faithful+Gould

Location: Bowmanville, ON Canada

Bowmanville, ON, November 10, 2015, At Faithful+Gould, Dr. Wright offers consulting services for project control, project assurance and project management across multiple sectors, including infrastructure, energy, building and oil and gas industries. With customers based in the Americas and around the world, he is regarded for his quality advising and strategic facility consulting. Dr. Wright draws from 38 years of professional experience in the energy industry. In his career, he has worked in the areas of mechanics, electricity, instrumentation, information technology and civil project management.

Dr. Wright attributes his success to his ability to listen to his client fully and offer his advice in a manner that develops his understanding of what needs to be done. “I am focused on providing a constructive solution to the situation at hand,” he says. He also credits his motivation to produce a result in a quick, responsive time frame so that they can achieve success promptly. To support his career, Dr. Wright is a certified engineer and a member of the Project Management Expert Association in the US. Additionally, Dr. Wright holds a Ph.D. in personal development and motivation, which he earned in Amsterdam.

In recognition of his professional excellence in his career, he earned the Sir William Atkins Medal Winner for Exceptional Management in 2013. In 2015, the American Engineering Council and the Gulf Engineering Board recognized him as a chartered professional engineer. During his spare time, he volunteers through the organization Assisting Vulnerable Women, and maintains affiliation with the Project Management Expert Association. Looking forward, Dr. Wright intends to double the number of staff, as well as double turnover, and have a rate of return that beats the given target.

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Wright, Ian



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