Frederic Alexandre Weinberg

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Weinberg, Frederic 1782143Title: Chairman

Company: Financière HighGate SA

Location: La Conversion, Switzerland

After working in the private banking industry, Frederic Alexandre Weinberg transitioned his skills into investment management. Since 2012, he has served as the chairman of Financière HighGate SA, an investment management company that offers financial transaction and wealth management services. A seasoned professional in private banking, investments and market research, Mr. Weinberg manages operations and makes private asset management decisions.

Mr. Weingberg attributes his success over the last 28 years to hard work and having a bit of luck. Armed with an MBA, he is a well-respected financial professional who has worked with IFP Asset Management SA, Financial RED SàRL, IFPAM AG, Finaris AG, and OTUMM Watches SARL. In the years to come, Mr. Weinberg aims to expand his business.

Contact Frederic Alexandre Weinberg

Weinberg, Frederic 1782143


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