Roger O. Duke

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Duke, Roger 1694892Title: President

Company: Roger Duke Marine Consultancy Inc

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Roger O. Duke has dedicated the past five decades of his life to strengthening his engineering knowledge and using that knowledge for the benefit of others. Today, he is recognized for his expertise in operational and mechanical functions, as well as his ability to troubleshoot problems. He currently serves as the president of Roger Duke Marine Consultancy Inc, which offers consulting in damage surveys, plant upgrades and contracts associated with the environment, as well as mechanical and industrial engineering, and oil and gas services.

Mr. Duke began his apprenticeship in 1963. Since then, he has sailed at sea for 39 years, including 25 years as senior plant operator. He started his own company in June 2013. As of March 2015, he is now fully retired. He is most proud of the ways in which he has been able to help people in need, such as when he assisted a disabled ship during the Iran-Iraq war after it was hit by a missile. Driven by a desire to work for himself, Mr. Duke founded Roger Duke Marine Consultancy Inc in 2013. He previously served mainly on tankers, gas carriers and container vessels, and worked ashore for a ship management company managing a fleet of self-unloading vessels on the Great Lakes of Canada.

Throughout the course of his career, Mr. Duke has worked for several major companies, including Shell, Kuwait Oil Tanker Co., Aramco, Vships and Clyde Marine. He has also done presentations for the Canadian Marine Advisory Council. Committed to expanding his knowledge, Mr. Duke is pursuing ongoing coursework and education in refrigeration, welding, hydraulics and industrial safety. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stow College of Engineering, as well as a Chief Engineers License with dangerous cargo endorsements for the carriage of bulk liquid petroleum products and bulk liquid petroleum gasses in Great Britain, Liberia and Nigeria. Moving forward, Mr. Duke plans to grow his business and employ other consultants.

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Duke, Roger 1694892


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