Michael King

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Title: Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director

Company: AIT Recorders & Systems Ltd

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Established in 1979, AIT Recorders & Systems Ltd is best known for providing digital voice, data recording systems and voice recording solutions. When Michael King purchased the business in 2001, he had very ambitious plans and the know-how to follow through with those plans. An expert in trends and emerging technologies, Mr. King is credited with expanding the company and helping it reach an international client base. Since it was relocated to British Columbia in 2010, AIT Recorders & Systems Ltd has continued to gain a strong reputation for its design of effective data recording systems. At the present moment, the company serves the United Kingdom and overseas market.

For the past 30 years, Mr. King has honed his skills in conceptual, evaluative and diagnostic knowledge. He is noted for his understanding of the methodology for change, as well as creating and maintaining client relationships. As the CEO and managing director of AIT Recorders & Systems Ltd, he handles a wide array of responsibilities, which includes overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, developing products and business, and providing services to various industry clients, from banking and financial to law enforcement and government. Although he is mostly experienced in the areas of voice and radar recording, and security systems, Mr. King also provides services for financial institutions, restaurants, retail, building and property management, and utility and industrial manufacturing. His professional affiliations include the AACA, CMA and IRTE (UK).

Contact Michael King

King, Michael 1993873


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