John Stephen Thompson

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Thompson, John Steven 1830933Title: Fiction Writer

Company: Thompson Books

Location: Kirkfield, ON, Canada

A retired microbiologist, Mr. Thompson was inspired to pick up the pen after traveling to Kosova with his wife. From that experience, he wrote his first novel “The Aftermath.” In 2005, he published his fathers’ World War II memoir “Bomber Crew.” Despite pursuing a career in microbiology, Mr. Thompson showed early leanings to the literary world, practicing his humorist style in high school essays. In addition, writing is in his blood, as his father was a newspaper editor while his grandfather was a magazine editor.

During his microbiology career, Mr. Thompson published more than 40 scientific papers. He attended the University of Toronto and earned a graduate degree in microbiology. Even with a background in science, Mr. Thompson focuses on writing fiction concerning topics on historical events. As he continues to write and publish novels, he maintains affiliation with the Canadian Authors Association.

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Thompson, John Steven 1830933


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