Peter Philippe Weiss

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Weiss, Peter 1827322Title: Designer, Sound Artist, Lecturer, Author, Owner

Company: Corporate Sound AG

Location: Basel, Switzerland

As a pioneer in sound branding, Peter Philippe Weiss exploits the potential of the highly emotional audible design dimension as a strategic tool. With ‘corporate sound,’ he designs the integral audible expression of a brand – advertising, web, apps, products and spaces. He has completed projects for Deutsche Telekom, ABB, coop, Swarovski, Tissot Watches and more.

In addition, Mr. Weiss acts as a consultant, composer, sound artist, author, speaker and guest lecturer at HSG University St. Gallen, HTW Chur University of Applied Science. Since 1994, he has run Corporate Sound AG. In 2009, Corporate Sound AG was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for sound branding.  Since 2013, Mr. Weiss has been a member of The Red Dot Design Award jury. With a brand new workshop tool for executive members, teams and annual meetings, Mr. Weiss has realized cinematic vision travels. It is a tool of great emotional experience and successful vision building.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Peter Philippe Weiss for further information.

Contact Peter Philippe Weiss

Weiss, Peter 1827322


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