Stephan Paffendorf

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Title: Sales Director Western Europe

Company: Wilkhahn

Location: Hanover, Germany

Stephan Paffendorf is a hands-on executive with more than a decade of experience. As the Sales Director Western Europe for Wilkhahn, he has displayed his strong analytical skills, strategy development and team building skills in this role for two years. Mr. Paffendorf brings his commitment to success as he oversees sales teams in the western European countries. Wilkhahn, an international furniture company known for ergonomic office furniture benefits from Mr. Paffendorf’s precision in setting budgets, strategy and assisting in larger size contract negotiation. In his position, he works at the front of the sales process, securing specifications of Wilkhahn seating to the A&D community and end users.

Mr. Paffendorf earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration, finance and international business from Northeastern University. After obtaining this degree, he began working as a management consultant for Droege & Comp. GmbH. Afterwards, he became a strategic account and project manager in the business development department for Rheinzink GmbH & Co. KG. At Rheinzink, he moved up the career ladder to become the general manager of the liaison office and the regional sales director for Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East. In 2010, Mr. Paffendorf joined Wilkhahn as the Sales Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, and was promoted to Sales Director in 2014.

Specializing in architectural materials, Mr. Paffendorf became involved in the area of management consulting. From this opportunity, he gained the ability to work on an international level in design and product manufacturing. He attributes his success to his international experience working in multiple cultural arenas.

Contact Stephan Paffendorf

Paffendorf, Stephan 1955269



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