Rene Vriens

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Vriens, Rene 2066357Title: Director of Operations

Company: Drake & Farrell Solutions Delivered

Location: Bleiswijk, Netherlands

Rene Vriens has more than 26 years of experience, and has spent the last six years at Drake & Farrell. In this position, Mr. Vriens improves operational systems, processes and policies in the spirit of the organization’s mission. His knowledge and business ability allows him to play an integral role in creating the long-term plans for the company. Like his title of director of operations suggests, Mr. Vriens oversees all aspects of operations in the company, including specialized projects. He reviews all processes, manages teams, and helps create company culture on the floor.

In 1986, Mr. Vriens took coursework from the Lower Agrarian School. He continued at the Aan Het Scheidigger Institute Kaatsheuvel for programming. He has had entrepreneurial training from the St. Opleiding Metaal Tilbur and mechanized tooling from the Stichting Opleiding Metaal Den Bosch. He attended the post-bachelor business school, Avans+Breda and graduated cum laude. Mr. Vriens became involved in this industry because he had always been fascinated by supply chain and total cycle from beginning to end, including procurement and logistics. He looks forward to the coming years and his continued growth in the industry.

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Vriens, Rene 2066357


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