Sylvain Castel

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Castel, Sylvain 2065326Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Swadmap

Location: Asnières-Sur-Seine, France

Launching the company in late 2015, Sylvain Castel looks forward to the potential of his company Swadmap. Mr. Castel describes the revolutionary concept of Swadmap as a search engine for the Third Industrial Revolution. Bringing his clear communication skills, ability to strategize, apply and develop contacts. In addition, Mr. Castel works with lawyers and financial experts. With his decade of experience in the advertising industry, Mr. Castel is comfortable in multiple settings, including B2B, B2C and nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Castel attributes his success largely to his education. He started by taking coursework in management, finance, law and communications from the Université Paris-Dauphine and Sorbonne University. He continued at the University of Paris to take coursework in science, humanities and social sciences. He also earned a master’s degree in communication strategies from CESLA Paris. In 2015, Mr. Castel was the recipient of the Gold Prize for an advertising campaign from TOPCOM.

After reading ‘The Third Industrial Revolution,’ by American economist Jeremy Rifkin, Mr. Castel took the book’s message and tips to create his current company. From this book, Mr. Castel took valuable lessons of strategic development from the book, and decided to start his own company. For the benefit of Swadmap, he maintains affiliation with Les Amis de Delâge. Mr. Castel is also involved in charity work, and supports Médecins du Monde, Greenpeace, Société Protectrice des Animaux, France terre d’Asille and Les Restos du Coeur. He endeavors to grow Swadmap and write novels when the company reaches a level of international growth.

Contact Sylvain Castel

Castel, Sylvain 2065326


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