H. Allan Kidd

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Title: Senior Consultant

Location: Vero Beach, FL, United States

Allan Kidd demonstrates proficiency in his career that spans more than four decades, and with 14 patents for engineered solutions. Throughout his career, Mr. Kidd has received patents for gas turbines, rotating equipment and energy processes. As a senior consultant, he provides his clients with impeccable evaluations of technology, due diligence and business development. He coaches new technology startups in improving business processes and automation, and in marketing, sales. Additionally, his knowledge of large rotating equipment and energy-related licensing are vital to the success of many of his clients.

Prior to launching his own consultancy business, Mr. Kidd worked for Dresser-Rand, where he inaugurated a position due to his aptitude in innovation. The company recognized his ability in the field and created a position for him to work, grow and develop. In addition to this honor, Mr. Kidd has been featured in numerous publications, including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Texas A&M Turbo Pump Symposium. He covered the topics of controls, instrumentation, vibration system design, process design and control, and regulatory compliance through intelligent design. Mr. Kidd has a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.

Contact H. Allan Kidd

Kidd, H. Allan 1518461




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