Mark Towson, M.Sc., FCIPD

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Towson, Mark 1625558Title: Group Human Resources Director

Company: Mark Towson Consulting

Location: Cobham, Surrey, United Kingdom

Mark Towson parlays nearly four decades of experience to his current role as a group human resources director with his own consulting firm. As a seasoned professional having worked in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States, Mr. Towson delivers on building organizational capability and executing complex cross-border change management. With his guidance, executive teams improve business performance along the lines of his strategy. Designing corporate strategies is a specialty of Mr. Towson’s, and grants him affiliation with the Society of Human Resource Management and the Association of Top Professionals. In addition, he is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the United Kingdom.

Throughout his career, Mr. Towson has had many successes to celebrate, especially with large companies where he created and executed effective human resources strategy and organization. He bears responsibility for leading transformational changes in BP’s corporate and trading organizations, as well as supporting the mega-merger, which created Citigroup. Mr. Towson began his education at The University of Hull where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics, politics and sociology. Afterwards, he received a postgraduate diploma in banking and financial services from the University of Michigan. It was after earning a Master of Science in industrial relations and personnel management from the London School of Economics and Political Science where Mr. Towson made the decision to apply his skills in human resources management. Additionally, Mr. Towson’s experience background includes working in the chemical, pharmaceutical and banking industries. Looking toward the future, Mr. Towson endeavors to continue professional growth and move into a CHRO or GHR position.

Contact Mark Towson, M.Sc., FCIPD

Towson, Mark 1625558


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