Father Samuel Santiago

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Title: Priest

Company: Santa Maria Reina Parish

Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico

Samuel Santiago has dedicated more than 41 years of service to the Catholic Church, with 37 of those years as the priest of Santa Maria Reina parish in Puerto Rico. Providing religious and ministry services, as well as directing operations at the adjoining school, Father Santiago is looked to by many people for spiritual counseling and direction. In 2015, he was recognized as a VIP Member for his skill and leadership. His faith has been his calling and in his position, he has been able to share his passion and guidance.

Father Santiago earned a master’s degree in religious education, and also had a Master of Divinity from New York University. While directing the elementary and secondary levels of the Santa Maria Reina Catholic School, he also serves as a Chaplain with inspector ranking for the Puerto Rico State Police. When not providing spiritual services, Father Santiago enjoys going to the beach, reading, watching movies and traveling. Looking toward the future, he endeavors to continue his professional development and helping others through the lessons of faith.

Contact Samuel Santiago

Santiago, Samuel 1939656


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