Peter R. Pranke, President

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Title: President

Company: Emballages ECO 1 Packaging and Montreal Box Depot

Location: Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada

Demonstrating more than 40 years of business acumen in the packaging and labeling services industries, Peter Pranke is the president of Emballages ECO 1 Packaging and Montreal Box Depot. Through the years, he has built successful industrial and commercial accounts for both businesses. With a creative approach, Mr. Pranke consults with clients to design and sell packaging solutions. The success of his businesses is a clear indication of the passion he has for his line of work. Mr. Pranke is known for staying ahead of the curve and works to grow and branch out his businesses.

Mr. Pranke has worked in every aspect of the packaging field through the years, helping him to really understand the industry from the inside out. His knowledge extends from the manufacturing process, to design, sales and marketing. One of his earliest accomplishments in his career was working with a major retailer in his 20s. The supplies used for both companies are environmentally conscious, using up to 75 percent of consumer waste recycled paper. All of the boxes are eco-friendly, biodegradable and decomposable. Additionally, printing inks are water-based and eco-friendly starch adhesives are used for laminating papers. Emballages ECO 1 Packaging Montreal Box Depot sells and delivers quality moving boxes, supplies and stock-size boxes to local and international moving, self-storage, and small and medium-sized businesses. Montreal Box Depot is the sister company and focuses on  suppling moving companies and entrepreneurial clients.


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